Dates & Location:

  • April 19, 2020
    • Check In:  Cheerleaders check in and turn in required forms.
    • Morning Session: Cheerleaders are evaluated on tryout material and tumbling, then practice stunts.
    • Afternoon Session: Skills assessment.
  • Taylor Center Auxiliary Gymnasium
  • Must register by April 17th, 2020 by completing the registration form
  • Cheerleaders are required to bring a copy of a current sports physical at check-in.

Tryout Requirements:

  • Stunt Requirements:
    • Stunt 1: Stretch full down. Your choice of entry. (Can be group, 2 man or coed)
    • Stunt 2: Optional stunt sequence including inversions and spinning entries. Transitions are recommended but not required. (Can be group, 2 man or coed)
      • Flyers should show elite flexibility and exceptional body awareness.
      • Bases should show strength and control.
    • Stunt 3: Males will be asked to show a coed stunt of their choice.
  • Jumps & Tumbling (will be evaluated on a non-spring floor)
    • Jump sequence of your choice
    • 1 Standing tumbling pass (ex: standing BHS, BHS series, standing tuck)
    • 2 Running tumbling passes
  • Tryout material (sidelines and fight song)
  • Brief interview

Eligibility to Tryout:

  • Must have been accepted to NC Wesleyan
  • Must register by completing the below registration form before April 17th, 2020.
    • Enlarged Copy of Insurance Cards – Health/Prescription/Dental/Vision (front and back

of cards)             

General Information:

  • All decisions are final and up to the discretion of the coaching staff who will be evaluating

each applicant.